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Lean the F*ck Out

Apr 17, 2019

In this episode of Lean the F*ck Out, we talk with Hansni Thadhani about how she created and grew Strand Boards from a surfboard shower in her own home to an international company surfboard showers and more custom surf decor online.

Creating and Growing Strand Boards Episode Highlights:

  • Strong relationships starts with strong customer service and attention to detail.
  • Everyone relationship, whether with a vendor, customer, or production partner is treated equally.
  • Your team around you needs to be just as strong as you, in order to be successful.
  • Growing pains are a real thing (bigger space, more staff, the right team, cash flow).
  • Talk to people about what has worked for them, don’t create new models that already exist and work.
  • If you are looking to do your own thing, ask questions in and out of your industry.

Hansni Thadhani

With three children, under the age of 5 at the time, Strand Boards founder and Manhattan Beach resident, Hansni Thadhani wanted a place for her family to wash off after a day at the beach. She didn’t want anything dull or boring and thought, “we live by the beach; a surfboard shower must exist!?” Hansni looked online but she didn't find any surfboard showers that she liked, looks or quality wise. A designer at heart, and a lover of the ocean, Hansni had the idea to go to a local surf shop, have a surfboard made and she figured out how to integrate the plumbing inside of the board. When friends of hers saw the surfboard shower in her family’s backyard, they would say, “that is awesome, I need one!” And Strand Boards was born!

Strand Boards has been featured on the Today show as a, "must have summer gadget,” an "Editor’s Pick" in Palm Springs Life’s Home + Design Magazine and a, featured, “Best of O.C.” by Modern Luxury Orange County, to name a few.

The customization offered on each surfboard product is paramount. In addition to the uniqueness of a shower made out of a surfboard, Strand Boards also manufactures chandeliers, benches and the tables, all out of actual surfboards! Whether it be for a residence or a hotel, these unique items are something people appreciate and love.

Strand Boards was born out of a need. Hansni Thadhani’s entrepreneurial mind realized that others like her would love to bring these coastal living accessories with a purpose to their residence or business. Fulfilling her dreams and using her business sense, the love of the ocean, her sales background, and design experience all gave her the perfect platform to take Strand Boards global!

You can find Hansni and Strand Boards online at:

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