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Lean the F*ck Out

Mar 6, 2018

In this episode, we talk with Iba Masood, co-founder and CEO of Tara about how she got started as a tech founder and how her and her co-founder are revolutionizing the tech industry. Tara has an algorithm that strips away the bias for connecting freelancers to jobs at companies that need coders. Listen to episode 56 now to hear the full story of what Iba is doing with Tara today and her plans for the future of Silicon Valley.

Scaling and Funding in Silicon Valley Episode Highlights

  • Iba and her co-founder started Tara with $200.
  • links freelancers to jobs with a non-biased algorithm.
  • Iba hustled for years before she got the funding she needed to build her team.
  • Embrace yourself as a “female founder”.
  • You have to work harder a female in Silicon Valley, there's no doubt.
  • “A startup is a series of fires you have to put out.”
  • Each week in a startup has its ups and downs. You have to celebrate every up.
  • A founder should focus on talking to customers; raising money; and support your employees (current and future).
  • “We as women want to do everything. Volunteer to do less. Focus and prioritize. You will be more effective.”

Iba Masood

Iba Masood is the co-founder and CEO of TARA, the Intelligent Product Builder. Iba is a YC Alum, and was part of YCombinator's Winter 2015 class. She was recently awarded Forbes 30 under 30, for the 2018 list, under the field of Enterprise Technology. In August 2017, Iba became a permanent resident of the United States, through the EB-1A award, which presents individuals of outstanding ability with the green card. She is also a past winner of the MIT Global Business Plan competition, and a recipient of the UN ITU Young Innovator's Award. Iba has been featured in TechCrunch, Wired and Huffington Post for her work in algorithmic pre-screening mechanisms for recruiting, and is passionate about machine learning in the world of work. She has spent the last seven years building mechanisms for pre-screening and project deployment in software, for hundreds of enterprise customers. Iba is the youngest winner of the Cartier Women's Initiative Award, and has an undergraduate degree in Finance from the American University of Sharjah, graduating magna cum laude at the age of 19. She has also previously worked at McKinsey & Co, and GE.