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Lean the F*ck Out

Jun 12, 2019

In this episode of Lean the F*ck Out, we talk with Mar Yvette, an LA-based lifestyle writer, editor, on-air host and founder of the online platform Homegirl Talk. Mar talks about the platform she built and the importance of creating a space for women of all walks of life to keep it real and share stories, struggles and successes.

Homegirl Talk Episode Highlights:

On celebrating your own culture.

  • The struggle with internalized racism that often leads to shame, even within one’s own culture.
  • The importance of accepting, embracing and celebrating your culture.
  • For Mar, confidence came with worldly experiences, education, stronger work experiences, etc.

What Mar has learned from doing Homegirl Talk

  • We have to be the light and share each other’s stories.
  • Women need a space to keep it real.
  • Our power is finding that we are all more similar than different.
  • It’s been surprising how women have been willing to open up.

Mar’s advice to women thinking about leaning out and doing their own thing:

  • Be fearless - just do it
  • Being fearless doesn’t mean without fear, it means moving through the fear!
  • Might be the first step in making your dreams come true

Mar Yvette

Mar Yvette is an LA-based lifestyle writer, editor and on-air host who has worked with some of the world’s most recognized media companies including E! News, ABC, Citysearch, Huffington Post, Playboy Magazine and Fox News Latino. She is the founder and editor in chief of Homegirl Talk, an online platform to connect and promote women from all walks of life. You can find her on Instagram at @therealmarpop.

You can find Mar online at:

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