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Lean the F*ck Out

May 17, 2017

This week we talk with entrepreneur Brook Powers about the art of the side hustle and the internal drive to build businesses. Brook offers great advice to other women entrepreneurs on how to trust your instincts in business and be confident in your own abilities. This is a conversation we know we needed and we’re certain you’ll also find some wisdom from Brook.

Brook is Chief Operations Officer of Griffin Properties, a residential real estate firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In just 5 years at Griffin, Brook has doubled the size of the team, added expansion partners, and grown sales volume from 27m to 60m. In this episode, Brook talks about how she has embraced leaning out and how she got her start as an entrepreneur with a myriad of side hustles or hobby jobs as she calls them, while working a full time job in the publishing industry in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her drive to build businesses always kept her going and she lept out of a job she’d known for over 20 years to be an entrepreneur full time.