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Lean the F*ck Out

Oct 2, 2018

This week we talk with International Business Development Coach and Speaker Mel McSherry about prioritizing your profits and slashing stress. We also dive into time management, weekly goal boards, to do lists, and establishing boundaries. Get your notepad ready!


Mel predominantly works with women business owners who are exhausted and overwhelmed by what they think they need to do, in order to be successful. As an entrepreneur since 2010, Mel has launched two successful businesses, doubled her monthly income, and created a true life by design. She has worked with hundreds of people helping them get crystal clear on what they want and prioritizing the time that they have.


Episode Highlights:


  • Ways to slash stress:
    • Getting crystal clear on what YOU want (not partner, not kids, just YOU)
    • Learn how to tame your time.
    • Give yourself that time to breath when things shift
    • Reassess, reapply and move on
  • Learning boundaries and “Saying no to the good so that you can say yes to the best.”
  • IF you keep doing the small things you will always play small. It’s the big items that propel you forward.
  • Conscious vs. unconscious procrastination
  • Time management:
    • Goal and vision board each month. How much and how many clients, etc.
    • What resources do I have now to make that happen? What do you already have?
    • Weekly plan of action on top of that.
    • Don’t put personal things on your business to do list. Never ever.
    • Mel’s Monthly Goal Board Tutorial on YouTube: