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Lean the F*ck Out

Dec 5, 2018

This week we talk with Susie Trujillo, Founder & Chief Strategist at STRUC, a strategy consultancy building brand positioning and marketing programs for growth-stage companies. We talk about common mistakes businesses make when it comes to marketing, where to start with your marketing efforts and how to market when your business is scaling up and at growth stage.


Episode Highlights:

  • Biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to their marketing:
    • Not investing enough in brand. Commodity won’t win in the long wrong. Brand is king.
    • Not understanding the value of good brand strategy.
    • Trying to do too many things. So many tactics. They usually go for low hanging fruit but it might not be the most effective.
    • They don’t look at whole marketing eco-system. They don’t have a plan.
  • Where businesses can start when it comes to their marketing:
    • Coming up with your marketing plan is the first step.
      • Who are you?
      • What do you sell?
      • Why should your customers care?
    • Problem > Reality > Future State
    • Customer journey map is also a great way to get going.
  • Tips for companies that are in growth stage:
    • Press can be very effective at this stage. Brand storytelling is important. The press is often interested in the story behind the brand.
    • Having an EPK (electronic press kit) on hand - to easily send to media (who you are, what do you sell, spotlight brand story, genesis story of the founder)
    • Social impact strategy can boost you up.
    • Getting key press wins (this may take a great deal of cold outreach)
      • Send a fun email
      • Send them something cool and interesting
      • Send them a really nice looking EPK
    • Get comfortable talking about self and company


Susie Trujillo

Susie Trujillo is successful brand marketing executive and business strategist with over 9+ years of experience building consumers brands. Currently, she is the Founder & Chief Strategist at STRUC, a strategy consultancy building brand positioning and marketing programs for growth-stage companies. Previously she led brand partnerships and strategy at two AMEX-backed companies in luxury travel and e-commerce where she focused on  bridging the gap in hospitality between brand storytelling (‘what makes something unique’) and customer experience (‘how can we serve you’). Her superpower is combining creative concepts with operational processes that result in quantifiable success. Through her proprietary STRUC Method, she partners with founders to translates their big ideas into actionable sprints making the marketing process easy, fun and effective! She loves to stay curious about the world around her, to explore new cultures through food, and connect with others over deep conversations about the human experience.


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