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Lean the F*ck Out

Feb 21, 2018

Does the phrase “cold calling” terrify you? Are you a fempreneur that didn’t realize sales would be such a big part of running your own business? Leah Neaderthal teaches women entrepreneurs how to sign new clients. She is founder of Growthworks Solutions and joins us this week to talk sales and how selling doesn’t actually have to suck!  

Episode Highlights

  • The fear of sales and what’s really behind that (especially for women) and how to conquer it
  • Learning how to sell for your own business
  • Understanding the real value you provide your clients/customers
  • The difference between marketing and sales
  • The buyer’s journey
  • Breaking down cold calling
  • The power of referrals
  • Pricing and avoiding undervaluing
  • Breaking the time-for-money exchange
  • Negotiating versus bargaining
  • Growthworks Solutions’ newly launched SIGNED program



“Conversations create clients.” -- Leah Neaderthal

“Hourly pricing is the bad math of entrepreneurship.” -- Leah Neaderthal

Leah Neaderthal

Leah NeaderthalLeah Neaderthal teaches women entrepreneurs how to sign new clients.

An entrepreneur and three-time business owner, Leah didn't learn to sell by being a commissioned salesperson. She learned it by building her businesses. She taught herself everything she could about selling, and overcame the natural "selling shyness" most entrepreneurs have, to find the confidence to really go out and sell to new clients. The outcome is a comfortable selling approach that doesn't feel salesy -- and gets results.

Now she shares the secrets she learned along the way, helping entrepreneurs and business owners build their client pipeline, and confidently guide prospects from the first contact to a successful close.

Prior to starting Growthworks Solutions, Leah built, grew and sold three businesses. Most recently she co-founded Lesbians Who Tech, she created a global organization to foster more LGBT women in technology; and she co-founded Lean Impact, where she helped nonprofits use Lean Startup principles to increase their impact and run their businesses more efficiently.

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